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Major Topics
Content production technologies and media services New contribution and distribution infrastructures   Artificial Intellingence applications in media and broadcast industry Data center and Secure cloud infrastructure Future Media architecture
Other Topics
Digital radio and television system: Terrestrial,Satellite,Broadband infrastructures  5g:Media applications   Targeted Advertising for broadcasters(TA) Hybrid Broadband Broadcast(HbbTV) Ip production facilitiesCloud based ProductinsInteractive Media ServicesContent and audience analysis toolsSocial Media and Broadcast industryQuality of Experience and Quality of serviceImmersive and Beyond HD Prouduction, Transmission and DistributionImmersive and next generation audio production and distributionInternet of Things: Functions and applicatins in Media
Dr reza alidadimohammad fahmi mohammad ghanbari dr hosein sameti dr mohammad-mahdi homayounpourdr mohammadali akhayidr farokh hojatkashanidr ali-asghar behnamniyadr ehsan kiyankhahdr mohammad asgaridr hosein asadidr hasan zareian dr hamid behroozidr rahil mahdiyandr mohammad sharifkhani
paper submission deadline  October 27,2018
acceptance notification November 6,2018