Today, creating an appropriate platform for media is one of the most important concern for broadcasters and media industry. So continuous learning, innovation and active participation should be seen at the top priority. To make this happen, it requires a new definition of the role and optimization of media workflow by smart systems and smart media technologies.

The media workflow using ICT has provided the possibility of continuous learning and new opportunities for experiences in media industry. This technology act not only as a tool but also as a smart infrastructure to upgrade professional service providing into audiences.

With the aim of taking advantages of scientific capabilities, Deputy of development and media technology is inviting all international organization, companies and experts in media industry to participate in keynote speaking, scientific lectures and presentation of articles in line with two main general topics of the summit or to attend the exhibition. In this regard, specialized meetings will be held with the presence of domestic and international experts. The advanced technologies in media industry and capabilities of local and foreign companies in various domains of media are presented in the exhibition.

Moreover, in order to honor the efforts of the technical engineers in the media and broadcast industry, the implemented plans and top ideas will be also unveiled. Accordingly based on the committee evaluation, selected plans and ideas will be praised.

The organizers of this event hope that using all created capacities, the procedures of infrastructure development and smart processes will be accelerated and lead to promote national media status.